Because Every Pet Deserves
Compassionate Care

The Minnieville Cares Fund, supported by Suveto Cares, helps local pets in our community who otherwise would not be able to receive the care they need. Your donation will help our team provide care grants to the pets and pet parents who need it most in our community.

No donation is too small or too big. Whatever the amount, know that you are impacting the lives of the pets in your community in a big way. Talk to someone on our team about how you can donate or donate online.

Play a small part. Make a big impact.

Support Local Pets in Need.

How Does IT Work?

Minnieville’s Cares Committee selects grant recipients that meet the fund’s criteria to do the most good in our community. Recipients are local pets whose pet parents are experiencing financial hardship that prevents the pet from obtaining urgent veterinary care and have been approved by our Care’s Committee to receive grant funds.

Pet Parent

Cares Fund recipients contribute at least 25% of the total cost of care.

Our Hospital

Minnieville contributes services at cost and waves charge for service.

Your donations make a bigger difference with our care fund.

Suveto Cares

Suveto Cares funded by generous donors like you cover 25% of the cost.

4x the Care

This means that for every dollar you donate, we can provide a value of $4 of care!

Stories of Minnieville Cares

I was bit by another dog at a dog park and needed extensive surgeries my mom couldn't afford. With the help of Minnieville's Suveto Cares fund I am able to do my favorite things again!
George - 3 year old GOLDEN RETRIEVER
I got a nasty viral infection that is very dangerous as a kitten. With this fund I able to receive quality care - and beat the odds!
LUCY - Siamese Kitten - 5 Mo. old

What is Suveto Cares?

Suveto Cares is a veterinary fund that supports disadvantaged pets at Suveto Network Hospitals. As a Suveto Network Hospital, we believe that giving our time and resources to our communities means better well-being for all.

Thanks to the generosity of Suveto’s CEO, Suveto Legacy Owners, and other donors, we have raised an initial $100,000 for Suveto Cares. These funds can provide a value of $400,000 in care to pets in need at our network hospitals in over 24 states.

Minnieville Animal Hospital’s clients can make donations to their hospital’s Suveto Cares fund by visiting their Veterinary Care Foundation link.

The Veterinary Care Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation. Every dollar donated to the hospital’s fund goes to local pets and is tax deductible.  

Get the best care for your best friend.