Cat and Dog Grooming
in Woodbridge, VA

Does your pet need a little TLC? We offer cat and dog grooming in Woodbridge, VA, to help keep your pet

happy and healthy

for years to come. Regular grooming can help improve your pet’s physical appearance as well as their overall health and well-being. We can alert your veterinarian to any issues we may notice while grooming your pet, which helps dogs and cats to look and feel their best.

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Our Grooming Services in Woodbridge, VA

We always want the very best for your pet, which includes offering high quality dog and cat grooming services. Each grooming appointment will include:

We require all our grooming, boarding, and drop off guests to be up to date on vaccinations. Senior pets who cannot receive vaccinations will need to have titers performed to ensure negative test results for the required vaccines.

In addition, if your pet has medical issues such as standing for an extended period, breathing or heart issues, has had a medical procedure in the last 2 weeks, or behavioral issues, let our team know so we can best adjust our services during your pet’s appointment.

How Does Grooming Benefit Your Pet?

Regular grooming appointments can help maintain your pet’s adorable looks, but it can also provide dogs and cats with additional health benefits including:

  • Improve upkeep of your pet’s skin and coat
  • Prevent matting which can be painful for pets
  • Allow early detection and potential treatment of developing conditions
  • Provide protection from external parasites
  • Help to manage allergies

Grooming Pricing and Requirements

Pricing for your pet’s grooming depends on size, breed, haircut type, in addition to hair/coat condition and behavior. We also require the following for each of our grooming clients:

For Dogs:

For Cats:

Our Woodbridge, VA, animal hospital team is here to answer any questions you may have about our grooming services or requirements.

Get the best care for your best friend.


We currently do not have a groomer. We apologize for any inconvenience and will let everyone know when we hire a new groomer.

Thank you!