Cat & Dog Grooming in Woodbridge, VA

We offer cat and dog

Professional Grooming.

Grooming your pet is important not only for appearance, but also for the pet’s physical health as well.

Notice: we require vaccines to be current for all drop offs, boarders, and grooming appointments. If you have an elderly pet that cannot receive vaccines per your regular veterinarian, we still require to have titers performed showing the results for these vaccines are negative.

We are happy to provide grooming services to your pets. Whether dog or cat, our groomer will be happy to make sure your fur-babies leave looking and feeling pet-tacular!

Prices are based on the size, breed, and haircut type for your pet, as well as the hair/coat condition and your pet’s behavior.

All grooms include:

Grooming is an investment in your pet’s health.

Having your pet groomed can improve maintenance for skin and coat, early detection of developing conditions, and protection from external parasites. In addition, grooming includes such general care tasks as nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. 

If your pet has medical issues such as standing for long periods of time, breathing issues, heart issues, has had a medical procedure in less than 2 weeks, or behavioral issues such as anxiety or aggression, please let us know upon making the appointment so we can accommodate your fur-babies accordingly.

Dog Requirements


Cat Requirements


Get the best care for your best friend.


Please contact our office prior to filling out any forms for appointments or boarding reservations. Simply filling out the new client forms or any release forms does not automatically schedule an appointment or a boarding reservation. Thank you.