August’s Monthly Specials

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Happy summer everyone,

It is already August and time for our bi-annual dental special!

In conjunction to our bi-annual dental discount, we now have Wellness Care Plans (please click image link below for more details) available that include all required core vaccines AND include our blood work panels with the heartworm and fecal testing.

In addition to the core plan, you can add optional items like your dental into your plan with extractions and get anything not included in the plan at an additional 10% off! (Excludes medications sent home).

You only have to pay for the first month and the enrollment fee to start and then pay once monthly towards your plan. Schedule as needed and have everything taken care of without the stress of finances.

Remember, dental care is just as important for your pet’s health as it is your own and can have the same negative effects to their health and wellbeing as it does in people.

* Required vaccines include Rabies, DHPP or DHLPP, Bordetella, and a fecal within the last year for dogs and FVRCP and Rabies vaccine for cats. If you have your vaccines performed elsewhere you must provide physical proof of these vaccinations prior to coming in for your dental cleaning. If these vaccines are not current at the time of drop off then they will be administered the morning of the procedure, along with an annual wellness exam if it is not current with our facility. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Remember if you sign up for our Wellness Care Plan, everything above is included, and you only pay monthly versus paying for everything up front.Give us a call today and we can make a personalized estimate just for your fur-babies!

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