COVID-19 update to procedures

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May 28th, 2021 COVID -19 Update

Due to the recent change in Governor orders regarding COVID-19, we will begin to allow customers back in the building starting June 1st.  While we will be allowing people in the building, we will still have curbside assistance available for those who would like to continue to use our concierge service.  When booking your appointments, please let the receptionists know if you would like to come in for the appointment or utilize the concierge service.

The following protocols will be followed regarding entering the building:

  • ONLY ONE person will be allowed in the office with the pet.  If you have other family members or children that need to accompany you to your appointment, we recommend you utilize our concierge service. 
  • ALL CLIENTS  will wear masks in the exam rooms regardless of vaccination status.  If you do not want to wear a mask, we recommend utilizing the concierge service.
  • Clients will not be allowed to hold their pet during the examination, treatment, or vaccines.  You must remain seated in the exam chair as our exam rooms are small and will not allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, you will CALL or TEXT (703-643-4173) letting us know you have arrived.  Texting may be the faster option to avoid being put on hold.  You will then remain in your car until you are notified that it is time for your appointment.  You may then enter the building.
  • For Curbside Concierge service appointments, you will  CALL or TEXT (703-643-4173) for check in once you have arrived.  You must remain at the clinic for your appointment.  Please DO NOT LEAVE.   We also require that you have your cell phone available with the volume on to allow the doctor to be able to talk to you.  The doctor will not be able to speak with you after your appointment time, as they will be heading into their next appointment and cannot hold up the next exam if you are unreachable.  If you would like to leave your pet for an exam, please have the receptionists book you for a DROP OFF appointment.  This will allow the doctor to examine your pet as time allows and can call you at a later time.
  • If you are picking up medications, please CALL or TEXT (703-643-4173).  We would prefer anyone picking up medications, food, preventatives, etc. continue to use the curbside concierge service to keep those in the waiting rooms to a minimum.
  • If you are picking up or dropping your pet off for boarding, grooming, or a procedure, please CALL or TEXT (703-643-4173) once you arrive.  You will be checked in and then told when you may enter the building.
  • All treatments, blood draws, etc. will be conducted in the treatment area.
  • We have been operating with less anxious pets by having them away from their owners for examinations, vaccines, treatments, etc.  Pets pick up on their owner’s own anxieties.  If your pet seems too anxious with you in the room, we will ask you to wait in the waiting room while we conduct the exam and do treatments.  This is not only for our safety, but yours as well, and for the well being of your pet.  In certain cases, we may reschedule your appointment and provide you with anti-anxiety medication to administer prior to the appointment.
  • We will continue our current euthanasia protocols.  Only TWO PEOPLE will be allowed in the room with the pet for euthanasia.  We ask that you spend time and say your goodbyes prior to the appointment.  We will no longer require gloves to be worn for these appointments.

This hybrid model will be new to us, so appointments may take longer than expected while we navigate these uncharted waters.  Please be aware, appointments may take longer with people entering the building, so our appointment availability may become more limited.  We recommend booking well in advance for any wellness visits.

The veterinary community has become inundated with sick visits.  We will do the best we can to accommodate your pets, however, space is limited with boarding picking up as people begin to travel again.  We may not have the space or time to see all of the sick appointment requests.  While we do our best, we do have limitations and urge you to seek immediate care at the emergency facilities if we cannot  get you in and you truly believe your pet has an emergency.  Trust that we would love to take care of everyone and it hurts us to have to say no, but we want to provide the best quality care for your pets and give them all the attention they deserve.

We thank you for your continued patronage and being so flexible during these unprecedented times.  Our number one concern is the safety of our staff, clients, and patients. 

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

The Staff at Minnieville Animal Hospital

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