COVID-19 update to procedures

June 10, 2020, COVID -19 Update

COVID-19 Update

On March 30th, 2020, Governor Northam issued a mandatory stay at home order for the state of Virginia.  Please be assured that we will be OPEN as the order mandates that you may leave your house for pet care.

We have instituted curbside service to alleviate risk to our staff as well as our clients.  We will continue to provide care to all of our patients and to serve clients in this manner until the government tells us otherwise.

I know we have many clients who may have been exposed, or even have respiratory symptoms.  I know many of you may be scared to risk leaving your homes.  To alleviate some of these worries, we now can offer Telemedicine for Triage and MINOR medical issues.  The state board has set forth certain guidelines we must adhere to regarding Telemedicine, so there are limitations to what we are allowed to do with this service.  We will mainly be utilizing it for triage to see if the patient needs to come in to the clinic for evaluation, or if minor, may be able to have medications prescribed without an in hospital visit.  This service is charged in 15 minute increments.  If the patient must come in for further evaluation after the triage, the in hospital exam and office charge will be the cost of our recheck fee which is currently $34.

These telemedicine consults will be done using our new PetPro app that you will be receiving a link to set up via email in the next few days.  There are other features on this app such a medication requests and easy access to your vaccine history that you may utilize also.

Please be aware that a video consult is NOT the same as an in office exam.  We can not touch or feel your pet, run diagnostics, or hear your pet's heartbeat or respiration.  This truly limits our abilities as pets do not talk and can not tell us where there is pain or how they are feeling.  Again, we are hoping to utilize this application moreso for triaging to see if a visit is necessary, recheck examinations from surgeries if possible, or other recheck examinations for behavior or illnesses that do not need additional diagnostics.

Prior to your appointment, please click here to fill out new client/patient forms and/or medical release forms.  Please call us at 703-680-4000 when you arrive in the parking lot.  A knowledgeable staff member will check your pet in and obtain a medical history and plan over the phone.  A technician will then come curbside to your car and bring your pet in so that you have minimal contact with public surfaces or others.  We will call to give you a detailed diagnostic and or medical plan.  Appointments can also be Facetimed through our IPads to allow you to not only help us during the exam, but so you can also visualize what is being done to your pet during the examination.  Payments will be able to be made via phone and or text to pay.  If you must pay with cash or check, someone will collect that curbside, but we ask that everyone attempt to use electronic payment if possible.

Regarding medications, please call us prior to ensure that all medications and or foods are 1) available and 2) filled and ready for dispensing.  Payment can be taken via phone or text to pay and the medications will be delivered to your car once you arrive.  Just call us and let us know when you are in the parking lot.  Remember that you can also have medications delivered to your home via our online pharmacy.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and enjoying the time at home with their furry family members, although, we do miss seeing our clients too!

Kind regards,

Dr. Greenwood

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